Unit 99 show no. 36 part 2, show no. 35 part 2
The student body of the Sacramento High School presents scenes here and there during fall semester 1936
Bedside Teaching
[Sacramento City Unified School District activities]
Sacramento Junior Traffic Parade 1937
Report to the people
[KCRA daily newsfilm #3, 1959-May 1960]
Sacramento, a place to remember
[First Lady Pat Nixon at State Capitol planting camellia shrub]
[KCRA daily newsfilm #1, 1957-February 1959]
[Farm Labor #5]
[Farm Labor #4]
[Farm Labor #3]
[Farm Labor #1]
[KCRA daily newsfilm #11, September 1960]
[KCRA daily newsfilm #8, August 1960]