Orientation Long Beach - Worship
National Alcoholic Ministry, UFMCC
Some Ideas Developing and Maintaining Pastor/Partner Relationships
Articles of Incorporation
Wednesday Prayer Service: MCC LA 1969-1970
Lucy Blue and Vox Femina benefit concert, MCC LA
Orientation 1986, Pomona
Spiritual Renewal, October 4, 1985
First UFMCC Marian Shrine, MCC Glendale
Troy Perry's History of MCC Sermon: One God
Rev. Troy Perry, last sermon
MCC LA Church Materials: 1969-1970
The Christmas Story Program: MCC LA
Assignment 77: The Gay Debate
Challenges We Face as Gay and Lesbian Christians
Sunday morning services at MCC Los Angeles, September 30, 1973
Holy Week Services Program, 1970, MCC LA
A Tribute to the Memory of You
Sunday morning services, January 6, 1974
Pentecost Sunday Bulletin