1974 Sea World
Gee Family, Roller Skating, 1979
Gee Family, Christmas gifts, 1978
Gee Family, Christmas, 1978
Gee Family, Halloween, 1978
Gee Family, Western U.S., 1978
Gee Family, Yellowstone, 1978
Gee Family, Virginia City, 1978
Gee Family, Wedding, 1978
Gee Family, Children Playing, 1978
Gong Family, Sunkissed
Inoue Family; Oroville, Baseball, J-A 100 Year Anniversary, Golden Gate Park
[Home Movie: Inoue Family, Vacation: Yosemite Hot Springs, Cordova Hotel. b/w Berkeley Higashi Honganji Bazaar, Obon Festival]
[Home Movie: Sue Family, Georgie, Cleo's House, Alvarado]
[Home Movie: Inoue Family, 35th Anniversary of the Berkeley Higashi Honganji Bazaar]
[Filipino-American family home movies]
March 78 Pixie Woods
Swimming, Espinada House, American Legion
Gee Family, 4th of July
Gee Family, Waterfalls, 1980