Bishop Willinger responds to Digiorgio press conference regarding California Farm Workers
California Reapportionment Committee, 1st and 2nd public hearing
Presidential Timber
Groundbreaking Ceremonies: New Folsom Prison
Governor Earl Warren and Culbert Olson debate
Citrus Harvest
Long Beach Motor Bus Company Film
Callwa Railroad Station Plat Maps
Wardens and Superintendent's Meeting
Auburn Fire
Warren Address on behalf of the Dewey-Bricker Ticket
Romero Fire
[Eliminate Feather Bedding - Yes on Proposition #17]
Senate Unamerican Activities Committee Office Files 28A/28B; 29A/29B
Cesar Chavez interview
Initial Attack: Fire!
Pro-Prison Citizens
New Inmates at Northern California Women's Facility
Last remaining stand of Monterey Cypress at Pt. Lobos