A Bulb show at the California Nursery Company - Planting, Bulb Show, Gardens, flowering plants, and Office garden
Golden Gate International Exposition and an Easter Egg Hunt in Niles
Mexico Trip
Moving specimen trees; planting seedlings at Loomis
California Nursery Company film - Roeding boys playing in yard with mother, Frances
Fruit tree growing grounds in Niles; 1933 Bulb show
Diane Roeding's birthday at the Roeding residence in Niles; Cut roses
"See Mexico This Year" trip to Mexico starting from the  office in Niles
Rancho de las Rosas in San Jose, San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, and Oakland Municipal rose garden
California Nursery visits Albert Etter in his orchard in Ettersburg
California Nurserymen Convention on Catalina Island; Christmas at Roeding residence; Bulb Show
Roeding family activities: Palo Alto, Niles, Lake Tahoe
Baldwin grandparents 50th anniversary in Niles; Tahoe summer vacation
Loomis Operations: budding, irrigation, inspection, cultivation
Annual Bulb Show; Diane Roeding and her parents.
California Nursery's Growing Grounds in Loomis; grafting; pruning; retail center
Roeding family; Vallejo Mill Park dedication; Old Adobe at the Nursery
Roeding children playing at Niles residence, in the rose fields, celebrating birthday, sailing
July 4th show at Jerry Roeding's school; Rose Growing fields in Niles with Frances Roeding
Roeding children playing; The family at the Niles residence; Castlewood Country club, swimming