MAY75P7-4: drummer sculpture
JUN84P4-23: "MONTOYA" unicorn
AUG77P9-27: MUDFLATS EXPRESS train sculpture
JUN71P6-13: builders at work, animal sculpture, Shell sign
AUG71P7-4: giraffe sculpture, Emeryville
MAY77P5-34: figure in headress on horseback
APR88P08-17: fish sculpture
MAY71P5-18: tire sculpture, Emeryville
FEB74P4-10: remains of bridge, Sandy Meltzer sign
MAY78P9-4: "HELP SAVE US" whale sculpture
APR83P9-27: scrap wood, trash
APR74P6-28: figure sculpture with manure bag skirt, By RS
OCT77P7-17: sculpture, birds
AUG77P5-2: dragons fighting sculpture
DEC86P10-2: rope-net teepee, freway signs, PTE building
APR78P8-30: figure with sword
AUG87P02-19: Victorian bicycle sculpture, Emeryville
NOV82P12-25: sculpture, new area - extreme south - after turn to bridge
OCT78R1-16: eagle sculpture, infra red - orange -  polarizer filter