War in the Redwoods
Two o'clock feeding by Madeline Puccioni
Bohnett-Evans family movies
Forestry Labor Camps, Southern California
The "prefabricated ship" : the S.S. Robert E. Peary
Which Campus?
Kaiser Home Movies at Lake Tahoe
The You in University
Interclass & Cal-Wash. Crew Races, 1964.
Mill Creek Redwoods
Surf Fishing at Lookout Point
Stopping the world and seeing
California's Golden Coast: Save the Bay short
[Home movies. Brower. Family trip to Yosemite & Bodie]
Rube Goldberg Inventions
Graves' Grove
[Film of Campus]
Berkeley, 1933-1934
University of California Kerr-Godkin Lecture #1
Class of 1912 reunion