Film of opening night
Paramount Premier Newsreel, 1931 & 1973
Oakland Paramount Theatre Earthquake Survey
Berkeley, 1933-1934
Family gatherings at Berkeley, Salem, Black Hall, Wyndhurst -- Vacations: Yosemite, boat tro, Monterey
Yosemite vacation, Berkeley
Bull Creek, ca. 1928.
Big Lagoon; Stone Lagoon; surf fishing.
Humboldt Lagoon
Mt. Diablo; San Juan Bautista, ca. 1930.
Bull Creek dedication
Interviews with and about Vincent Hallinan
Skyland Trails of the Kings
T.L.P.'s Voice
Japanese Horticulturist
Bill Feurer 1958 El Capitan
Ghost Town
The Age of the Electric Train
California Winemaker