Cougar and Deer
Sea Lion Rehab
Cougar Footage
Big Horn Sheep Transfer
San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park Giant Panda Postcard
Ted and Pat Derby's Wild Animals at the San Diego Zoo
San Diego Wild Animal Park
White Rhinoceros and South African Ostrich, San Diego Wild Animal Park
Penguins, Southern Hemisphere
Brown Bears, Europe
Giant Tortoise, Galapagos Islands
Children's Zoo: Animal Color Series
Meet me at the Zoo - Balboa Park, San Diego
Bears, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California - 120
Flight Cage, San Diego Wild Animal Park
Main Entrance, San Diego Zoo
Parrots at Children's Zoo, San Diego
Uganda Giraffe
Children's Zoo
San Diego Zoo: Koalas, Giraffes, Flamingos, Orang-Utans