Harold N. Ouye Home Movies: Reel 80
[Group portrait with elk]
California Fishing
Frances King
Group in front of Muir Woods Inn, with dog on hind legs
California condors in flight
Big Horn Sheep Transfer
Group of men and three dogs in front of the Muir Woods Inn, early 1900s
Condor count 1972
Joseph Telushkin, God, Torah and Israel, 1st Session with Singles
Success with poultry in California
[Livestock being transported to market]
Sea Lion Rehab
Western Pacific  - Finned Furred Feathered
Ralston and Ruth White
[Poster - California for the Sportsman]
[Down on the Farm with guests Joe Traynor, Gene Brandi and Taggart Siegel]
[Southern Pacific Bulletin - July 1922]
Horse Parade - 1937-38
Cougar and Deer