Elie Wiesel, To Be A Jew: Explained Through Chasidic Tales. Discussion of Soviet Jewry
Elie Wiesel, Chasidic Legends and Niggun
Joseph Telushkin and David Zerner, Shabbat Services and Expoundings
Dennis Prager, The Mitzvah System: Judaism Based on God, Torah and Israel
Elie Wiesel, Talmudic Characters and Jewish History, 1968
Elie Wiesel, The Eternity of Israel and More Hasidic Tales
Dennis Prager, Pacifism: A Moral Question
Shlomo Bardin, Telling His Vision of the Academy at Brandeis. Tour of the House of the Book
Arthur Waskow, The Spiritual Roots of Tikun Olam, Q and A
Leonard Fein, Jewish Malaise in the United States: The Jewish Melody Has Been Forgotten
Leonard Fein, Bringing Up the Jewish Child: A Reconsideration
Joseph Telushkin, God, Torah and Israel, 1st Session with Singles
Joseph Telushkin, On Studying the Talmud: Part 2 - Q and A
Joseph Telushkin, The Jewish Wedding Ceremony
Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin, Q and A with them and Introductory Weekend guests
Dennis Prager, Antisemitism: Antecedents
Leonard Fein, In Dialogue with Ira Weiner
Joseph Telushkin, Quality of Jewish Life
Dennis Prager, Questions and Answers with Dennis Prager