Photograph of receipt of L.H. Michener
Paul Robeson on stage with man at piano 2
Puppet in Market Street parade, San Francisco
Man driving in front of General Painting Contractor building
Preparation of dining room
George Hitchcock, Maggie and two others
Man standing on dock in front of chain-link fence 1
Man standing on dock, ship in background 3
Revels Cayton, John Howard Lawson, Paul Robeson, and David Jenkins
Group of performers in costume
Paul Robeson on stage with man at piano 3
Man standing in doorway of house 1
Three performers on stage
Paul Robeson and unidentified man
Receipt of L.H. Michener and N. N. Tausley, Februrary 9, 1940
Photograph of strike, building, and organization assessment 2
Paul Robeson at the microphone 1
Vincente Lombardo Toledano and others at dining table
Spring class portrait of man in profile
Men with recording microphones