Oral history interview with Don Hopkins
Oral history interview with Henry and Leilleni Cotten
Oral history interview with Anna Bush-Hardin
Interview with Albert Butler, Early California families
Frank Collier U.S. Air Force home movie
Interview with Jose Arredondo
Interview with Judge Gordon Baranco
KPIX News Hour, 1964-08-18 / KPIX live coverage of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination
Sara Jane Moore interviewed by Ben Williams
Interview with Robert L. Allen
Interview with Earl Caldwell
The Jay Payton Show
The Jay Payton Show
Recording of Maude Esther Johnson Gibson at the Golden Gate International Exposition
Interview with blues musician Jesse Fuller
Allensworth Advisory Committee presentation of plaque to Governor Reagan, Sacramento, California
Allensworth Advisory Committee Commission Meeting, Bakersfield, California
Allensworth Advisory Committee Meeting, Allensworth, California