Interview with Lee Williams
Interview with dancer and performer Ruth Beckford
Interview with Walter Thomas Jourdan, Organizer of Miscellaneous Workers Union, Inc.
Allensworth Advisory Committee East Bay Negro Historical Society Bay Area Meeting, Oakland, California
Interview with William H. Golden, scout master
Interview with Jerri Lange
Interview with Urania P. Cummings, artist and West Indian community in San Francisco
Oral history interview with Anna Bush-Hardin
Interview with Geraldyne Washington
Oral history interview with Maudelle Shirek
Interview with educator Gladys Jordan
Interview with Mary C. Netherland, early California family
Interview with Brownie McGhee [Tape #001]
Interview with Brownie McGhee [Tape #019 & 021]
Interview with Bill Williams, Oakland firefighter
Allensworth Advisory Committee Commission Meeting, Bakersfield, California
Interview with Brownie McGhee [Tape #004]
Allensworth Advisory Committee Department of Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting, Fresno, California
Interview with Ida L. Jackson
Sara Jane Moore interviewed by Ben Williams