Pat Bond Interview
Uncles Project, Eugene Carles Interviewed by Jim Duggins
Uncles Project, Wm T Brown Interviewed by Everett Erlandson
Edd Dundas interviewed by Jim Duggins
Tongues Untied plus Affirmation: Video Artist Marlon Riggs in person.
Color Adjustment: Director in person.
No Regrets: A Tribute to Marlon Riggs
Warren Sonbert
Warren Sonbert - Divided Loyalties, Hall of Mirrors, and The Cup and the Lip
Oral history interview with Keith White
Oral history interview with Frank Everett
Tomm Ruud (1943-1994)
Larry Berner and Healdsburg community Interviews
Larry Berner's Oral History
Jim Eilers
Andrew Canepa by Terrence Kissack
Craig Daley by Paul Gabriel
Orvis Bryant on SF Bars and Baths  '40s+ Interviewed by Jim Duggins
Interview with Jordan Green by Jacob Richards
Arthur Evans