100: Make A Wish
101: El Teatro Campesino (miscellaneous footage)
102: El Teatro Campesino (miscellaneous footage)
104: Tenaz-Orange Coast College
105: Interview Cuts With Luis Valdez
[Daniel Valdez Interview and music]
[Ernesto Palomino Interview and music]
[Juanishi Orozco Interview]
[Ricardo Favela Interview and tile making -- Royal Chicano Air Force Interview at Centro Artistas Chicanos]
[Juventino Esparza Interivew -- Eduardo Carrillo Interview]
[Califas Conference - Sessions 1 - 5]
[Music by Los Illegals / Luis Valdez ]
[Aerial Views of Chicano Park and Chicano Park Day]
[Toltecas Danzantes, Toltecas Danzas, Toltecas Aztlan Danzas at San Diego Chicano Park]
El Pueblo Chicano: The Beginnings
Rupert Garcia Interview
KNTV News Reels May 5, 1969
KNTV News Reels May 8, 1969
KNTV News Reels May 16, 1969
KNTV News Reels May 19, 1969