090: Memorias De Un Mexicano
006: Huelga
009: Cesar Chavez Special
013: Zoot Suit Special
063: Cultural Diversity In America: A Video Form
094: Mi Otro Yo (My Other Self)
095: Messages In Clay
103: Tenaz-Orange Coast College Workshop
112-118: El Teatro Campesino 25th Anniversary
053-54; 065-070: The 20th Anniversary Gala (raw footage)
056: The Action News Magazine
060: De Colores
064: En La Bahia On El Teatro Campesino First Twenty Years
010: Catch 2, Los Vendidos
011: Kaleidoscope: The People's Theatre No. 9 (unedited footage)
012: Let's Rap: Interview With Luis Valdez
014: Zoot Suit: The Play, The Promise
019-021: KMST Nine Am Show (parts I, II and III)
024: Sunday Edition
027: Eastside/Westside