KPFA Third World News: Angela Davis on the South African Apartheid, 1976
KPFA: Minorities in S.F. State College; The Educated Imagination Part I: The Motive for Metaphor, 1968
Noon Rally on Sproul Steps; March Against Racism; Peter Camejo Rally (Original Recording), 1968
KNBR Special Pre-1972 Presidential Election Debate in the Perspective of the Black voter; KBHK Black Renissance TV Interview with Berkeley City Councilman Ira Simmons
AFT Noon Rally and Stop the Draft Week Rally (Original Recording), 1968
Rally for Cleaver and the Oakland Seven (Original Recording), 1968
AFSCME Rally; Martin Luther King Memorial at ASUC, Gay Liberation (Orignial Recording), 1970
Growing Up in La Cañada: Wendy Nicoll
Support Bobby Seale Rally/ Picnic; Memorial March for Ho Chi Minh, 1969
KPFA News: Huey Newton Free (KPFA), 1970
A Visit with Huey Newton; Hayakawa on Black Studies and TWLF;  How It Is; Conversations at Chicago; Man-Out-of-Doors; S.F. State news, KPFA News (KPFA), 1968
Ecology Action interview; KPFA News: Bobby Seale moved by FBI to Chicago; One of the Fort Jackson Eight; U.S. Commision on Civil Rights (KPFA), 1969
Saul Alinsky Speech on Poverty and Civil Rights; Discussion of the Middle East; Bobby Seale Speech at the Free Huey Rally (4/23/1969); KPFA News Broadcast, 1969