Angela Davis speaks on the topic of oppression and repression in the U.S. at California State University Fullerton
Bobby Seale [appearance at Cal Poly]
Black History Month--Congressman Diggs, Elaine Brown, Sedpekko
Voices of Black Panther women
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade
AFSCME Rally; Martin Luther King Memorial at ASUC, Gay Liberation (Orignial Recording), 1970
A conversation with Angela Davis
Interviews with Friends of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Interview with Bobby Seale
James Baldwin at Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School
Rally for Cleaver and the Oakland Seven (Original Recording), 1968
KPFA: Minorities in S.F. State College; The Educated Imagination Part I: The Motive for Metaphor, 1968
KPFA: New York Times Article on the Anniversary of the Attica Prison Riot, 1972
[Court Ruling on Huey Newton and New Haven Panther Trial 7/29/70-7/30/70]
Danger: Educated Student Of Color