[Newsreel 11/5/1969 Bobby Seale Sentencing]
[KPFA News 11/1/1969 Cambodia; Bobby Seale and Chicago 8 Rally at Federal Building]
[Angela Davis]
[Governor Ronald Reagan #9]
Angola Lives
Black Panther
Black History Month--Congressman Diggs, Elaine Brown, Sedpekko
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The Enterprise 1908-03-14
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Growing Up in La Cañada: Wendy Nicoll
Angela Davis speaks on the topic of oppression and repression in the U.S. at California State University Fullerton
Politics and the Black Revolution
Angela Davis speech "Politics & the Law" Nov. 1972; Anthony Russo speech at SESPA meeting, Winter 1972/3
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James Baldwin : questions and answers, Wheeler Auditorium, UCB, 4/26/74
Freedom summer in Los Angeles
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James Baldwin at Berkeley High School