[Eldridge Cleaver]
[KNTV News Broadcast January 15, 1966]
Attallah Shabazz Speaks on Malcolm X at Pepperdine University
Angela Davis, keynote address, 2/4/99
[The Day After (the Selma March) in S.F.]
The McCone Report Revisited--The Conference
KNTV Channel 11 News Reels August 19, 1966
KNTV Channel 11 News Reel August 20, 1966
Black Bulletin Layouts, 1968- , Folder 2
John Abt speaks in Los Angeles
KNTV Channel 11 News Reels September 13, 1966
A conversation with Angela Davis
An informal discussion on radical Bay Area politics
Timothy Leary in Algiers
Black History Month--Congressman Diggs, Elaine Brown, Sedpekko
Afro-American Studies--Elaine Brown and Abdul Kalima
[Court Ruling on Huey Newton and New Haven Panther Trial 7/29/70-7/30/70]
[Black Panther Traffic Ticket Survey 8/19/71]
[Newsreel 11/5/1969 Bobby Seale Sentencing]
[KPFA News 11/1/1969 Cambodia; Bobby Seale and Chicago 8 Rally at Federal Building]