KNTV Channel 11 News Reels October 16, 1965
KNTV Channel 11 News Reels October 17, 1965
The battle of Santa Barbara
Talking It Through: Livermore Lab
UCSF Cambodia Protests
KNTV News Reels May 12, 1969
World War I songs
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
JUL87P04-30: three missiles, wrecked anti-war sculpture
JUL87P04-35: wrecked anti war sculpture, Holliday Inn, Komatsu
APR87P10-28: three missiles, anti-war sculpture
JUL87P04-24: wrecked anti-war sculpture
The Oakland Seven and the law
Dr. Benjamin Spock in Berkeley
First Anti-Nuclear Demonstration at San Onofre
Photograph of Gustafsson and A Fellow Soldier Sitting Under A Tent in the Countryside of Vietnam
We shall march again
Vietnam Day Berkeley